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I’m left handed. This means two things, I tend to smear when I write and I hate slow-drying inks. For the longest time I’ve used Noodler’s inks, whi... more

I've developed the habit of taking mynotebook along with me to most places. Whether it be throughout my home, when I'm out and about, or even on vaca... more

The Jinhao 159 left me with some mixed feelings. There's a lot tolike, and not like, about it. If you've got small hands and you're left-handed, it... more

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Field Notes states on the outside cover of their notebooks that they're made of 'durable materials' and I found that to be surprisingly true. I found... more

The Rhodia Webnotebook is a solid notebook. The cover is described by Rhodia as ?Italian leatherette?, but that?s not much of a description to someon... more

Me and My MoleskineI was completely bought by Moleskine?s marketing. I still think their whole bit about ?the sketchbook forartisans? is pretty aweso... more