Ghost Walk Tours 2015

Starline’s Haunted Hollywood Tour takes you through various spots in Hollywood that are believed to be haunted.

Starline Haunted Hollywood Tour

The Fullerton Haunted Walking Tours takes visitors to different parts of downtown Fullerton where they are treated to tidbits of local history and their related hauntings. I’ve actually been on this one a few years ago, and do recall walking mostly through the various shops and buildings that line Harbor Blvd, such as the Villa Del Sol and even to a few off-Harbor shops like Le Potager.

Fullerton Haunted Walking Tours

Queen Mary, Long Beach
It looks like this tour runs year-round.

Queen Mary Haunted Encounters

Hosted by the crew at, similar to the Fullerton Haunted Walking Tour, visitors are taken around old town Orange (Also known as Orange Circle).

Orange Ghost Walk

Santa Ana
Another ‘joint’, visitors are shown around the histories and haunts of different buildings in downtown Santa Ana. Ghost Walk Downtown Santa Ana

If there are any others in the Southern California area that aren’t listed here please let me know.