Netflix Spooky Find- House At The End Of Time

House At the End of Time Comparing Posters

I almost passed this movie up. While browsing the ‘horror’ queue my eyes fell upon the creepy Sadako-esque figure standing before an obviously haunted house, sitting alone in a grassy field, cue the full moon in the background and even bats to boot! It all looked like some B-movie photoshopped mess that probably had 1 or 2 stars and wasn’t worth 2 hours of my life. What got my attention was, with a poster that screamed B-movie as loud as this one’s did, it was rated at 5 stars. There was clearly something to this movie that wasn’t conveyed properly through that dinky picture, I don’t even think the protagonist wore that dress, I don’t even know if that was the house it took place in!

The first thing that struck me about it, it wasn’t in English, that’s a positive because B-movies are almost always in English. If my research is correct, it’s a Venezuelan film.

The second thing, no patently absurd display of nudity or gore.

The third thing? Why does there have to be a third thing?

The story follows the life of a family of four living in a large house with a lot of dark corners. It starts off seemingly at the end, with the mother, Dulce, waking up from an unseen knockout. She finds her husband with a knife in his back lying on the floor, nearly dead. After a curious final lunge towards her he succumbs to his wound and dies. As she moves through the house she finally finds her son, Leopoldo, who stands and stares at her awkwardly for a minute and is then violently sucked into the darkness, forever.

That’s just the opening act for this Venezuelan horror thriller about a house with a mind of its own. As we go further into the mystery of this house at ’The End of Time’ we’re treated to a series of flashbacks where we learn more about the family and what circumstances got them there. Of course, there are some cliches and a few questionable choices that arise, in regards to the characters and their actions, but the package as a whole amounts to an excellent film.

This is no B- grade movie and deserves way better than what that shoddy poster implied. I’m really not a fan of that poster. Unless whoever decided on it wanted to keep with the theme of the movie, which is probably, that things are never as they seem?

If you look at the comparison image I posted up top, why would anyone want to see the movie on the left?