Rocky Horror In Southern California

Above all, the Rocky Horror Picture Show is an experience. ?I can not stress that enough. ?Also, don't go thinking that you're going to sit back and casually slink in your chair, while the film plays out before you in a darkened and silenced theater.

At the very least you'll actually get to hear one or two lines from the movie uttered, everything else will be a garbled snowball of aural chaos. ?If you're really that interested in the story you should probably rent it, otherwise the main point of the experience is to see the performers and their 'interpretations' of the cult flick.

I had the chance to attend one of these screenings at the NuArt Theater in Los Angeles recently. ?It was definitely an experience to be remembered, and for some attendants to attempt to forget. ?While I'll try not to get into the minutia of the show (and ruin things for everyone), I will say that initially I was apprehensive, not knowing what sort of extreme on-the-edge antics I would witness.

From the start of the film to the end, there was a designated crew of walk-by aisle screamers that would randomly blurt out lines from the film. ?These same crew members would also provide their own on-the-spot q&a sessions between themselves and the film. ?Imagine the worst back-row film viewer that you can think of, and multiply that by 100. ?I had flashbacks to my mother screaming, "Run you stupid! ?Run!" at the television while watching a horror movie as a kid. ?Although, she was like Little League compared to this rough and ready crew of Majors.

Throughout the screening each film character had his or her own performer shadowing their actions on the stage. ?Of course, the big attention-getter was the performer playing the role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter. ?In keeping true to form, he was fully decked out in the same, or similar, garb as Tim Curry in the film. ?He didn't disappoint, but then again neither did any of the other cast members, they all came through with flying bizarro acid-stained colors.

After all was said and done, and danced, and sung, it's definitely something everybody should check out at least once in their lives.

I looked around for screening places both LA and OC, here's the list:

As with all things, call first to make sure they're still showing. ?Especially with the OC listings.