Anaheim White House Restaurant

The Anaheim White House was built in 1909 and after shifting owners at various points, was established as a restaurant in 1981.

Ever since, it has remained a landmark location in Anaheim, with some of the finest dining in Orange County. The spirits that roam the halls of the restaurant are known to be a fairly mischievous bunch, yet not in any negative way. "Playful" is probably the best term to describe them, mostly identified as children, and maybe 1 woman. Stories abound of objects that go missing and are then found in other areas, light, rapid steps of children at play being heard on the second floor, and mysterious glowing blue lights during after-hours.

All in all, a full house, yet filled with a certain welcoming charm to everyone that has a moment to drop by.

Location and Map

887 S Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805

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