Colorado Street Bridge

The Colorado Bridge was completed in 1913 and has since been known as ‘Suicide Bridge’ due to all the suicides. Bridges are known for high paranormal activity because of the fact that they’re suicide magnets. This one has been taking jumpers since 1919, when the first suicide was recorded. Prior to that, during construction it is rumored that a worker fell into wet concrete, the construction crew couldn’t extract him quickly enough and he died, encased in the concrete for as long as the bridge stands.

Claims have arisen since the construction worker’s unfortunate demise that a lone apparition has been seen and heard stalking back and forth along the bridge, many believe it to be his spirit.

Another notable spook is that of a mother who jumped with her baby back in 1937. Luckily the baby survived, miraculously falling into a clump of branches which broke its fall. The mother was not so fortunate and died. Many believe her soft wails and moans can be heard by passersby, possibly looking for her child, who had hopefully gone on to live a long and healthy life.

Location and Map

Pasadena, CA 91105

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