Culver Studios

Believed to be the haunting grounds of Thomas Ince, the founder of Culver Studios. Ince was tragically stricken with something, whether it be a bullet or a sickness is not known (Although there is a rumor that William Randolph Hearst accidentally shot him when he was aiming for Charlie Chaplin.) and died in 1924. Ever since his death Culver Studios has belonged to such names as David O'Selznick, Cecil B. Demille, and Howard Hughes. It was the filming location for such great films as King Kong, Gone with the Wind, Citizen Kane, and E.T.

Ghosts have been seen at the studios for years now. Reports from security guards range from seeing ghosts of security guards to sighting a mysterious woman walking the lots. Ince's ghost really made itself known during remodeling of the studios in 1988. One worker said that Ince's ghost actually appeared to him and said that he was displeased with what was going on at his studio.

Location and Map

9336 Washington Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90232

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