Defunct Spadra Ristorante

Spadra Ristorante was an Italian restaurant that lasted 16 years in Downtown Fullerton.

The building itself was originally part of the Pacific Electric Railway, opened in 1917 but closed in 1938 due to slow business, not enough riders. For 25 years after, it served as a bus station for Greyhound, but was then closed down from the mid-1970's to early 80's, and then converted into the charming little jumble of restaurants and buildings you see today.

Former staff have claimed numerous instances of poltergeist activity such as objects moved around the room, low-level chatter, and other such unnerving occurrences. In 2007 a team of paranormal investigators from the IPRO conducted a seance and encountered a large number of interesting characters, young and old, even narrowing down a particular elderly spirit as a kind of ‘guide’ to the younger ones who would ‘train’ them to become more poltergeist-like. This was all determined from the present Medium.

Unfortunately, Spadra Ristorante closed down in 2010, but was replaced in 2012 by Hopscotch Tavern which boasts “a rotating list of 75 draught and bottled craft beer and over 125 types of brown spirits, making it the widest array of whiskey in the county”, which alone is probably a better reason to visit this establishment over any type of ghost-watching.

Location and Map

136 E. Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832

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