Heritage Park

The first is a man named J. G. Chandler. Though the picture would seem harmless enough just hanging on the wall, some people claimed to have actually seen Mr. Chandler's face cracking a smile. Pretty unusual since the portrait's expression carries a more serious tone.

The second portrait, depicting a man who still has not been properly identified, carries a darker air to it. Just like the Chandler portrait this too occasionally deviates from it's original form in that the figure can sometimes be seen bleeding at the throat! If one looks at the unknown man's portrait closer one can see blood dripping from the collar.

The third apparition was the former owner of the house, named Mrs. Agnes Ware Stanley, as time passed by for Agnes it became more difficult for her to climb the stairs of the house. Well it turns out that when someone climbs the stairs they are somewhat slowed down by a strange force.

The fourth spirit is that of a baby crying in the second floor nursery. It has been discovered that the daughter of one of the past caretakers died in that room.

Update/ 5SEP98:I just dropped by the area and found that it's also called the Garden Grove Historical Society, they give out tours every third Sunday of the month at 1:30pm. Every other day it seems pretty empty. Another thing, if you go down there, don't expect to find an actual grassy park. All I saw was pavement.

Location and Map

12174 Euclid St, Garden Grove, CA 92840

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