Hollywood & Vine

Probably the most famous intersection in Hollywood, this strip of asphalt was the place-to-be for many a celebrity in it's heyday. Now, it's a mere shadow of it's former self and if you ever spot a celebrity there, you can consider yourself one of the lucky few. In the rare case that you should spot a celebrity such as Bela Lugosi walking up and down the sidewalk try not to seem too alarmed, because he's dead!

Known for his unforgettable role in Dracula, Lugosi frequented Hollywood and Vine up to the day he died. In fact, on the day of his funeral, the hearse his body was riding in unexpectedly drove through Hollywood and Vine on the way to the cemetery. This may not seem too shocking but the thing was, the funeral procession was told specifically by the Chamber of Commerce not to go through Hollywood and Vine. The store owners didn't like the idea of having a funeral procession going through their intersection. The driver of the hearse later claimed that as they were passing Hollywood Boulevard, the steering wheel suddenly turned all on it's own towards Hollywood and Vine. He went on to claim that he didn't regain control of it until after they passed Vine.

Another ghostly spirit you may encounter is none other than the Phantom of the Opera himself, Lon Chaney. For a period of time witnesses claimed that they saw his spirit sitting on a bench at the intersection. Later on though, the bench was removed and sightings of Lon Chaney have ceased. Although, you may never know, especially with someone who's nickname was The Man of a Thousand Faces.

Location and Map

1686 Vine St, Hollywood, CA 90028

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