Rutabegorz Restaurant

Rutabegorz has been around since the 70’s, originally having started in Fullerton, and eventually branching their way out to Orange, as well as a few other locations. Their main hook is that they’ve been serving some of the healthiest dishes in Orange County since their inception. The stretch of Orange that they’ve set stakes in is lined with houses built from as far back as the 1920’s, which is comparatively old for Orange County.

Overall, the ghosts of Rutabegorz have been described as benign, friendly. There have been a variety of sightings, some witnesses describe seeing spirits of children playing, hearing murmurs and distant voices. There have also been frequent visits from an old man and woman who the staff say could be the original owners of the restaurant. The cellar is also a notable area with a notable presence, staff members definitely feel there is something, or someone, there.

While the aura of mystery over Rutabegorz is intriguing enough for any curious ghost hunter, the food itself is what keeps it around. So pay a visit and ask the staff about the hauntings, but stay for the Pumpkin Hummus it’s to die for!

Location and Map

264 North Glassell St, Orange, CA 92866

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  • Ghosts of the Golden West