The Hollywood Sign

It seems that Hollywood has it's fair share of lost dead souls as well as lost living ones. This lost soul belonged to a young aspiring starlet named Lillian Millicent Entwistle. Lillian, or Peg as some called her, arrived in Hollywood from England with dreams of stardom like so many millions of other young women. Apparently she didn't find it or else she wouldn't have jumped off the sign!

On the 18th of September in 1932 Peg climbed up the walkway leading to the Hollywood sign, found a ladder behind the big "H" and leaped into eternity. Unlike so many other suicides committed by actors and actresses, this one worked. Her suicide was all over the news the next day, it turned out she gained more fame through death, all it cost was her life. Now her ghost can be seen walking up the walkway towards the sign and jumping off the big "H" every once in a while.

Location and Map

Mt Lee Dr, Hollywood, CA 90068

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