The Knickerbocker Hotel & Hollywood All-Star Cafe

This hotel is famous for being used in the 1930's by Harry Houdini's wife for conducting seances in order to contact her deceased husband. It was also a well known hot spot in Hollywood way back in the 30's. Some of the customers of the cafe as well as guests of the hotel were such well known superstars as Marilyn Monroe, Valentino, Lana Turner, and Mae West. Employees in the cafe claim that they have felt certain cold spots in the cafe as well as having seen none other than Hollywood's most sighted spirit, Rudolph Valentino! During an investigation it was discovered that one of the cold spots in the cafe was the actual spot where famed Hollywood director D. W. Griffith fell dead.

Location and Map

1714 North Ivar Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90028

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