The Pacific Theater

The Pacific Theater was first opened in April 29, 1928. Designed to be the flagship theater for the Warner Brothers, it was where all the west coast Warner Bros. premieres were to be. The driving force behind it's construction was Sam Warner, one of the four Warner brothers who ran the film company. At the time, sound in motion pictures was considered nothing more than a fleeting fad. The Warner brothers changed all that with their first sound motion picture or "talkie", The Jazz Singer. Sam, believing that The Jazz Singer would become a landmark film in the industry, tried to have a big west coast premiere for it in the newly finished Pacific Theater. But the lag in construction proved to be too much, so The Pacific Theater never premiered The Jazz Singer. On the night that The Jazz Singer opened in New York Sam Warner died of a cereberal hemmorhage in Los Angeles. The Pacific Theater opened a few months later, but not with the big premiere that Sam envisioned it as having. Ever since his death there have been sightings reported by security guards as well as others working in the theater. Sam, apparently not phased by the fact that he's dead, has been seen walking the lobby as well as going up and down in the elevator. Other reports have Sam shifting furniture and scratching doors in his office above the theater. Currently, The Pacific Theater is being given a face lift, it is being converted into the future site of the Hollywood Entertainment Museum.

Location and Map

6433 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028

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