The Pantages Theater

Bought in 1949 by Howard Hughes and then later sold in the 1950's, the Pantages Theater stands as one of Hollywood's last landmark theaters. In 1967 the Pantages Theater was bought by Pacific Theaters and then, with the help of the Nederlander Corporation initiated renovations.

Since that time there have been reports of feeling cold gusts of wind from out of no where, banging sounds emanating from empty offices and the scent of cigarettes. One witness claims to have seen Hughes' ghost twice, described as a tall man, she always spotted Hughes rounding a corner towards the former entrance of his old office.

Another ghost spotted at the Pantages is that of a former patron who died there in 1932. Rumored to be an aspiring singer, her apparition can be heard singing in the theater at night when the lights are out and no one but the employees are around. Recently her voice was caught on a loudspeaker during a live performance.

One of the female employees in the wardrobe department claims that one night, while heading towards one of the theater's side doors, the emergency lights suddenly went out. Leaving her in total darkness. Pressing on, she ran into something and then felt a hand grab hers. The hand led her to one of the side doors and outside the building, upon turning around to thank whoever it was, she saw that nobody was there.

Location and Map

6233 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

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