Thelma Todd's Garage

Thelma Todd, star of such films as Monkey Business and Fascinating Youth is rumored to haunt the house she used to live in, and unexpectedly died in. The actual police report concluded that she died of carbon monoxide poisoning. The story was that she came home late one night, found that she was locked out of the building, so she snuck into the garage, turned on her car to stay warm and fell asleep. But, the truth is that she was murdered, possibly by the most infamous of mobsters Charles "Lucky" Luciano. Early that fateful morning when her body was found by her maid, it was covered by blood, bruises, and cuts. More than enough evidence that says she didn't die of accidental causes. Thelma Todd was introduced to Lucky Luciano by her former husband Pat DiCiccio. After a while, Luciano expressed an interest in turning the third floor of Thelma's roadhouse into a gambling casino. Thelma refused, she replied to Lucky by telling him he could, over her dead body. So Lucky Luciano could quite possibly have taken that literally. During the time of Thelma's murder, she was seeing a director named Roland West. On the night of her death, upon coming back from a party she had a big argument with West, who stayed home that night. He eventually shoved her out of the building and locked the door, leaving Thelma to the elements. It was then that she is believed to have been beaten to death and then stuffed into her car. Whether West was actually involved in the murder by intentionally shoving her out is not known, but later in his life on his death bed, West confessed to having killed her by locking her out. After the official police report on her death was released her mother demanded further investigation. But, later on she had conceded in believing that Thelma's death was accidental. Then afterwards, a few witnesses in the case had changed their stories to accomodate the idea that she did die of accidental causes. The roadhouse has been converted into the headquarters for some filming studio. Workers have claimed hearing sobs and moans coming from out of nowhere and spotting Thelma Todd floating around her old home.

Location and Map

17575 Pacific Coast Highway, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

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