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Field Notes Kraft Plain Memo Book

Field Notes states on the outside cover of their notebooks that they're made of 'durable materials' and I found that to be surprisingly true. I found the truth in it after having tested their 3-pack of 'plain paper' notebooks and discovered the most remarkable thing. Being that my writing style is recognized as 'south paw', or just plain left-handed, I've had some pretty terrifying ink smears in my day. Having said that, Iwas delightfully surprised to find that it is relatively difficult to smear ink on these pages.

There is a slight deception though because if you run your fingers along the sheets, they feel pretty smooth, just as much as a Moleskine. Actually, when I tried feeling for some texture I was initially disappointed that it was so smooth, I wasn't expecting the amazing smear-resistance.

All is not so hunky dory though, the ink bleeds through in a typical manner, it's not a deal breaker,but it is noticeable. These things go for 48 pages per each notebook of a 3-pack. They're nice, small, and apparently pretty durable!