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Moleskine Pocket Plain Notebook

Me and My Moleskine

I was completely bought by Moleskine?s marketing. I still think their whole bit about ?the sketchbook forartisans? is pretty awesome, from a marketing standpoint. The notebooks themselves have worked pretty well for me, up until I started getting into fountain pens. Then the story becomes very different.

The Moleskine Pocket Plain Notebook

The pocket-sized Moleskines are just as nice as their bigger A5-sized cousins, they?ve got the same elastic band, the same bookmarker, and even a nice pocket in the back for knick-knacks. It?s basically a miniature versionin every way. This is the same with every aspect right down to the paper. Yet, it?s the paper that is the biggest pain point with most fountain pen users, this one included.

The Problem

The problem is that of bleedthrough, most inks bleed through the page so bad that one can?t even write on the other side of it. Granted, as I?ve scanned various pen forums on this issue, it would seem that the severity can be mitigated by switching to faster drying inks. From my own experience I?ve found that Noodler?s Black works well enough, but Noodler?s Blue is really bad.

Other than the paper, I love the build of these notebooks. True to their name, they are pocket-sized and can be carried anywhere. There?s relatively little to gripe about. If you can tolerate the bleedthrough or don?t mind switching to a faster-drying ink, then these notebooks will do just fine. If the bleedthrough drives you mad beyond belief, hold on to your sanity and try a notebook with thicker paper.