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Rhodia Webnotebook Orange

The Rhodia Webnotebook is a solid notebook. The cover is described by Rhodia as ?Italian leatherette?, but that?s not much of a description to someone who has no idea what that means, it?s a very fancy description indeed, but the most honest way to describe a Rhodia cover is that it feels like a banana peel. That isn?t actually a bad thing, it means it has got a nice smooth texture, but not so smooth that it would slip out of your fingers.

The Rhodia Webnotebook comes with thetype of accroutement one would expect from a piece of touted high quality, meaning it comes hardbound with elastic band, ribbon bookmark, and has a nice little pouch in the rear.

The pages themselves are ?90g Ivory Clairfontaine?, which means they?re just as fancy as the outside of the notebook. It also means that the ink won?tbleed through as easily as you would find in other notebooks, which is awesome. Unfortunately, the paper is so smooth it has to smear, and it does, but no worse in similarly priced notebooks so that?s a bit of a wash. And possibly a minor detail, but the pages don?t stink like some kind of bleach process.

The Rhodia Webnotebook is solid. While you can feel the thickness in the pages, it?s not overbearing, and the lack of bleed through (even with fountain pens) is especially wonderful.