Affordable Fountain Pens

BIC Disposable Fountain Pen

BIC is known for their pens, no doubt. I'm not sure they're as well known for their awesome disposable fountain pens though. In short, BIC disposable fountain pens are pretty darn good for disposable pens.

There is something to be said for a fountain pen that works as well as this one, and also happens to be disposable. While probably not on anyone's top 10 list of 'Best Fountain Pens', as a use-once-and-toss pen it definitely holds its own. After all it's too light to be taken seriously, it's got that cheap plasticky feel, and being that it is disposable, well, it's a disposable so it wasn't really built to last and you can feel it. Yet, despite all that, it glides smoothly across most types of paper, it doesn't seem very prone to scratching or skipping, and its got a nice thick barrel for excellent gripping! For the price, I can't complain, this one's a keeper, until it breaks or goes dry of course. It's actually a pretty satisfying pen for a disposable.