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Creoly Genuine Leather Pen Holder Review

I've developed the habit of taking mynotebook along with me to most places. Whether it be throughout my home, when I'm out and about, or even on vacation, it goes nearly everywhere I do. Being that I'm fairly particular about my pens, I prefer to bring my own and not just any, but my favorites.

This introduces an interesting problem. I don't like pushing my beloved pens into my messy jean pockets with my dirty keys and such, I'd rather carry them around in a durable wrapping. I considered cases, lots of them, some hard, some soft, but I didn't like how I'd have to be grasping at my book in one hand and the case in the other. Then I realized the solution I was looking for was a pen holder that would wrap around the book cover itself so I would always have one hand free when holding my notebook.

Enter the Creoly Genuine Leather Pen Holder. It can hold roughly 4-5 pens or pencils. It is made of genuine leather so it will be durable enough for my daily demands. The material that wraps around the book cover is elasticso it can fit in various notebook sizes.

I've been using the pen holder for nearly a year now and it's held up pretty well. There is some wear and tear, especially the areas under the pen clip, but nothing else beyond that. I'd suggest it to anyone with the same problem I had.