Affordable Fountain Pens

LAMY Studio Fountain Pen

The Lamy Studio won't give you a significantly different writing experience from a Safari. It's heavier, more professional looking, and obviously not styled for the same type of user. The biggest question that arises with this pen is, 'Does the $40 price difference from a Safari make anysense when they even use the same steel nib'' Well, let's see just what about the Studio sets it apart from its lower-priced brethren.

From cap to barrel this pen demands to be taken seriously. Contrasted against the feel-good plasticky shell of the Safari, the Studio sets a more serious tone with its slight weight increase, brushed barrel, and chrome grip. Thus implying that this is no mere pen, but a finely tooled instrument of professionalism!

In terms of packaging, the Studio comes with a converter and a disposable ink cartridge. Both are convenient for writing, although you might get more bang for your buck going with the converter rather than the ink cartridge.

As far as negatives go with this pen, if you can get past the marked price difference for the same nib, there's also the Studio's chrome grip. While many probably won't find it too bothersome, the smooth chrome grip on this pen might prove to be a bit too slippery for some.

All-in-all, is the Studio worth its retail pricing' The answer is that it really just depends on whoever is using it. Some might see the more svelte design and solid feel of the Studio over the plasticky utilitarian Safari, as a big plus. Honestly, you could take a Safari into a professional meeting as well, but given a choice between that and a Studio, most would probably opt for the latter. Others might consider that you can get the same bang for a cheaper buck from a Lamy Safari. It's all relative.