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Noodlers Ahab Flex

The Ahab

The Noodler's Ahab is an excellent flex nib fountain pen. 'Flex' means the tines can bend to allow for a variety of line widths, which is great for artists, calligraphers, and general doodlers. Many of the other fountain pens you'll find on Affordable Fountain Pens usually won't have flex nibs, which aren't as popular as they used to be for a variety of reasons that we won't be going into in this review (check here for more on flex nibs). Getting back to the Ahab, Noodler's boasts that it is 'technically biodegradable' yet can last a long time, which is always a good thing to keep in mind. One of the first things I noticed is that the barrel of the Ahab is pretty thick, thicker than a Lamy or Pilot.

Another thing that pops out to me about this pen is that the cap is a twist-off. Having used nothing but Lamys and Pilots I've just been more accustomed to popping the cap off with my thumb. Lastly, this pen is shockingly light, it might even be the lightest fountain pen in my arsenal thus far, not counting the disposable ones.

Flex is Awesome

Being that the Ahab is my first flex fountain pen, I couldn't wait to 'put it through the rounds' of my ridiculously unscientific and not-rigorous-at-all trials. I'm sure my left-handedness didn't help determine many things for me either since I've read that left-handers and flex nibs don't go together so well [cite]. I found that to be true especially when attempting some of the cool variable width curves calligraphy types have been ably pullingoff. I actually don't know if they're just making it look easy or if they're all just right-handed, probably both.

In any case, for general writing it works great, with the same hurdles that any regular nib would have, and that's fine for me especially at the price the Ahab is going for. The nib itself glides across most paper surfaces without any hitch, I haven't encountered any scratching or other jarring events to complain about so I feel it works pretty well.

Minor Issues

This list won't be very long, all-in-all the Ahab is a fine fountain pen, but of course nothing's perfect. The only issues I hadwith this pen was this problem of not having the ink refill the slit fast enough, or even at all in some cases. I was able to figure it out eventually by just holding the pen horizontally for a second or two at which point I'm guessing the ink slowly refills the slit, and solves my problem. The second issue I had was I felt that the ink seemed to just be getting everywhere, even moreso then I'm used to. Yet, even with that I'm not confident that it's a major issue since I get a similar problem with my Lamy Vista.

The Noodler's Ahab is a pretty awesome fountain pen. Given it's $20+ range price, its solid construction, and the variety offered by the flex nib, it's a great buy for anyone interested in fountain pens.