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Pilot Iroshizuku Ink Review

I’m left handed. This means two things, I tend to smear when I write and I hate slow-drying inks. For the longest time I’ve used Noodler’s inks, which are perfectly fine, but are not the optimal ink for my situation. The only reason I’ve tortured myself for so long is simple complacency. Plus, I ordered some fairly big bottles and wanted to run through them before I considered any other inks. This has been going on for a few years now, and I finally just hit a point where I felt I went through enough of my ink stash to start considering alternatives.

Enter the Pilot Iroshizuku. I did my due diligence, watching review videos, checking opinions on fountain pen forums, and then consulting on reddit. Most suggestions ended up being for the Pilot Iroshizuku so without hesitation I ordered a bottle of Take Sumi black charcoal ink and put it through my rounds.

Ok, so my process wasn’t exactly military-grade testing. I wrote a few lines on a Moleskine and saw how badly the smearing would be. I don’t hit too many “Oh WOW!” moments with fountain pens, but I was pretty surprised at the result. It did not smear at all, the ink did feather a bit with the paper, but that’s a quarrel that doesn’t involve my left hand so I gladly stayed out of that one (for now!). Now I’m wondering why I tortured myself all this time with slow-drying inks when I could have just used Pilot Iroshizuku and not dealt with the headaches.

This may not seem like a big deal to most, I mean, the typical right-handed person might be reading this asking what the fuss is all about, that it’s just ink. Yet, slow-drying inks and smearing concerns have actually made the whole writing process a lot less appealing to me over the years as I always think to myself, “What’s the point, it takes forever to write a thought and even then it might still smear”.

I’m basically saying ever since I switched I’ve found writing more enjoyable! If you are a left-handed fountain pen fan please don’t hesitate to switch to a fast-drying ink like the Pilot Iroshizuku it’s the difference between night and day.