Affordable Fountain Pens

Pilot Metropolitan

The Pilot Metro is ridiculous. If any people getting started with fountain pens wanted a suggestion on a good pen, this would be my go-to. It?s because this pen serves up a nice fine pointed nib, looks professional, and even feels like the type of pen that you can pull out in front of a bunch of executives, and not cringe. Best of all though? It usually sits somewhere under $20 in most shops.

The Parts

Pilot being a Japanese company, the general understanding with Japanese nibs is that they are finer than those from other parts of the world. For instance the F nib that came with my Pilot is about the same thickness as a Lamy steel Extra Fine nib. The default method for getting ink into the pen is a squeeze type of converter, but it also comes with a disposable ink cartridge if you opt to go that route.

The Look

This pen looks professional. Specifically, I?m referring to a black one, in my case an Animal edition, but still I can whip this thing out in a business meeting without hesitation.

The Build

This pen feels solid. It has good weight to it, when I hold it I realize that I?m holding a good solid pen. This is in contrast to the unflinchingly plastic Lamy Safari, which is fine as Lamy doesn?t hide or shy away from that fact, but still something one notices. I would say, in terms of heft, it?s got more similarities with the Lamy Studio, a pen thatusually registers at $30 or so more than a standard Safari.

It posts pretty well too, not too much to complain about on that end.

In short, I love this pen. It?s such a great pen, and for the cost it?s ridiculous!