Affordable Fountain Pens

Pilot Varsity Disposable Fountain Pen

The Pilot Varsity is a great disposable fountain pen that won?t break the bank. The nib glides along all paper surfaces in a smooth and consistent manner so you won?t need to worry about skipping. The weight of the pen itself, being that it is disposable, hence not built with any sort of heft or durability in mind, is obviously light. The quality of the pen itself, for a disposable, is pretty consistent with its disposable-ness. There?s no hidden gem here to drone on about, this thing is pretty straightforward and isn?t ashamed to let that be known.

For everyday fountain pen users who are too afraid to wield their heavier more expensive scribing tools, this pen is great. For the extremely picky fountain pen aficionado, it?s probably not up to snuff, but then again what disposable fountain pen would be?