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The Best Pen That Is Not a Fountain Pen

This site isn't just about fountain pens, it's about the wide variety of writing tools available, whether they be pens, pencils, or styli. Having said that, I wanted to take some time to mention a personal favorite of mine thatjust happens to not be a fountain pen.

Best NonFountain Pen

The Pilot Vball Rolling Ball Pen, Extra Fine.

I love these pens. They're very much un-fountain-like.

They are:

But as far as writing instruments go, they are right up there, next to my Lamy 2000. I've got 2 boxes ofthem just because I don't like going without them for too long. Long before I discovered fountain pens I had settled on these as my de-facto, go-to, alone-on-an-island-with-just-a-pen, pens.

Why' Mainly because they write like a charm, the ink drys quickly, and they're just these smooth little unobstructed sticks of inky joy! Plus,since they are disposable I can just let someone else 'borrow' mine and forget about it.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you just want a goodpen and you don't care if it's fountain, ballpoint, or felt-tip, then go for these you will not regret it.

Have a lookfor yourself: