Affordable Fountain Pens

Care and Maintenance

Surely you must be wondering the point of this. After all, most pens are just used totheir extent and then discarded! Nonsense, we're not dealing with most pens, we're dealing with fountain pens and they deserve a lot more care and attention then your run-of-the-mill bic!

If you ignore everything else in this write-up about caring for your pen, the one thing you should remember is to periodically flush your fountain pen with cold water. The point of it being that over time the ink residue will tend to build up in your pen and clog its tiny fissures. The best opportunities for a good flushare in between ink refills.

Try not to carelessly toss the pen in a bag or case where it will bounce around and increase the possibility of a dislodged cap,which will then cause leakage. Always attempt to maintain the pen so that the cap is pointing up so the chance of spilling is nil. And always keep it capped, the ink won't stayinside as securely as a ball point, but if you've seen how it drips off the tip of a fountain pen you'll understand how leaky it can really get!

If you planon not using it for a long time just flush it and keep it empty. The ink won't last forever in fluid form.

Lastly, never let anybody borrow your pen 'for a few minutes' unless you don't plan on getting it back!