Affordable Fountain Pens

Last Weeks Links - Second Week of December 2016

Just afew interesting reads from last week.


This seems like a "why hasn't anybody made this already'" kind of an idea, an e-ink based stylus and tablet solution. It is supposed to simulate paper, even the friction you get when writing on it. Standard pricing is at $716, but they are offering it up for pre-order at $379.

Perfect for Souvenirs: 8 Cheap Yet High-Quality Ball Point Pens from Japan

Cheap and high-quality always get my attention! The Pilot Acroball looks particularly interesting, just because I'm a Pilot fan.

Workflows of a Casual Apple Pencil User

For those wondering what in God's name people with Apple Pencils actuallydo with them. A write-up that isn't just a big Apple commercial.

Getting into Fountain Pens: Your First Pen and Ink

A nice and pretty thorough post on how to get started with fountain pens.

Why the fountain pen has become the must-have luxury accessory

This article seemsto focus more on the higher-end fountain pens, but it's still a decent read because most of it applies to all fountain pens and users.