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Moleskine Bleed Test For Blues

I read a suggestion that Waterman Mysterious Blue and Noodler's Baystate Blue were decent inks on Moleskine paper. Curious to find a blue that doesn't bleed through, I hastily ordered some samples from Goulet Pens and did some non-scientific tests.

The Tests

For my tests I decided to use 2 Lamy Safaris, one with a (B) Broad Steel nib and the other with an (EF) Extra Fine Steel nib. At first, I thought just the broad nib would do, but then realized that wouldn't seem fair since it's so' broad. Although, I also must point out that when using a broad nib with Noodler's Black it rarely bleeds through, and when it does it's one or two minuscule dots.

The Broad Test

Neither ink passed with flying colors. The Waterman Mysterious Blue did bleed significantly less than the Noodler's Baystate Blue, but still it left enough little dots on the other side of the paper to make it unusable. Regarding the Noodler's Baystate Blue, well, you could practically read the words from the other side.

The Extra Fine Test

The Waterman ink did a lot better when paired withan extra fine nib, rather than the thick broad, but still there were a few pecks of ink that bled through so it's not 100%. The standard I'm holding both these inks up againstis the Noodler's Black, which works great on Moleskine.

I realize I'm probably not fully taking into account the inherently different viscosities of blue ink vs. black ink, and other more scientific considerations. To be honest, I just want a blue ink that's similar to Noodler's Blue, which is a shade of blue I love, but bleeds through like crazy.

Speaking just of the inks, the Waterman Mysterious Blue gives off a nice bluish-gray color once dried and the Noodler's Baystate Blue seemsto flow off my nibs better, but I would say that shade of blue is maybe too much for my daily use.