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Pen Versus Stylus

This is the ultimate pen vs stylus comparison post! Here we weigh the pros and cons of each and watch as one rises in triumphal victory while the other cowers under the shadow of eternal defeat! All kidding aside, let's begin!

I'm a pen guy. After all, I've got a site devoted to pens, but every once in a while I start thinking about the benefits and drawbacks of going completely digital, that's with stylus and tablet.

The ultimate writing tool face-off

Stylus/Tablet Pros and Cons

The one thing you could say for pen/paper is that it's definitely tried and true.

Pen/Paper Pros and Cons

So, thereyou have it folks, judging from these two 'highly researched and in-depth' lists the clear winner is the stylus/tablet. Or is it' Yeah, who's going to base their choice of penvs stylus on this comparison write-up' Probably nobody, but these are just a few considerations that might help. Ultimately, the final decision ends up with you.