Affordable Fountain Pens


I read a suggestion that Waterman Mysterious Blue and Noodler's Baystate Blue were decent inks on Moleskine paper. Curious to find a blue that doesn't bleed through, I hastily ordered some samples fr... more
I cracked my Lamy Studio's converter,which is sad. But now I have a reason to get a new one and maybe another review pen on! It must have been the 9000th time I dropped it onto a cold h... more
Macworld has a list of best rated styli for the iPad. It's titled as 'Best Stylus for iPad', but it doesn't look like they pick one. So it's just a list of popular styli. Best stylus for iPad, iPad Pr... more
Just afew interesting reads from last week. reMarkable This seems like a "why hasn't anybody made this already'" kind of an idea, an e-ink based stylus and tablet solution. It is supposed to simulate... more
This site isn't just about fountain pens, it's about the wide variety of writing tools available, whether they be pens, pencils, or styli. Having said that, I wanted to take some time to mention a per... more
In time for the holidays, here's a quick list of 5 fountain pens that would be great for that special someone in your life, whether they be beginning FP users or seasoned veterans. LamySafari Any fou... more
This is the ultimate pen vs stylus comparison post! Here we weigh the pros and cons of each and watch as one rises in triumphal victory while the other cowers under the shadow of eternal defeat! All k... more
Graffiti was the hand-writing recognition system of Palm Computing for their Palm OS. It offered a rigid input system that allowed for quicker stylus-to-tablet input. This came about in a eureka momen... more
Surely you must be wondering the point of this. After all, most pens are just used totheir extent and then discarded! Nonsense, we're not dealing with most pens, we're dealing with fountain pens and t... more