Ghost Stalker
From the same author of The Haunted Southland: Ghosts of Southern California, a more recent publication of the author’s experiences as a regional paranormal activity researcher.
Mouse Tales: A Behind-the-Ears Look At Disneyland
Not in any way a ghost book but it does explain some of the hauntings that occur in the park. This book gives great insight into the wonderful corporation known as Disneyland. From rat infestations to death by People Mover, this books got it all.
The Field Guide To North American Hauntings
Not a region-specific haunting book but, it’s filled with interesting information.
Haunted Places
This book is an index of haunted houses and other haunted places all over the country. It’s the national directory. It goes state by state, and county by county alphabetically. It’s a pretty thick book with brief little descriptions of the hauntings and a few pics. This book is the White Pages for haunted places. It’s a great book, it should be mandatory for anyone interested in seeking haunted places.
Ghosts Of The Golden West
One of the many spooks books written by world renowned ghost hunter Hans Holzer. There’s an interesting chapter in this book on the Whaley House in which he investigates it with none other than Regis Philbin.
Hollywood Haunted: A Ghostly Tour Of Filmland
A great book focused mainly on haunted sites all over Tinsel Town. It’s got a lot of sites not listed in the National Directory so it's well worth the read.
Haunted Houses Of California
This book takes us through the usual haunted sites as well as some new ones like Garden Grove.
This book has a lot of good info on haunted spots in Southern California. Richard Senate’s books are always a good read.
Ghosts Of Orange County
Tour ghostly Orange County, California, to experience the myths, legends, and chilling tales that haunt this thriving area. Meet the ghost of Le Potager that keeps the lights on when the kitchen is closed and a phantom that inhabits an antique mirror in a residence in La Habra. Meet the ghost of a man who left his message on a telephone recorder and learn about the legends that haunt the Happiest Place in the WorldDisneyland. Walk the streets of Fullerton to visit spirit actors at The Fox Theater. Dine with ghosts at Rutaborgze Restaurant. Orange County has plenty of haunts to quench your paranormal thirst.
Anaheim's Dead invites the living to join writer, ghost enthusiast, and Anaheim resident Tom Zaradich on a supernatural journey to uncover Anaheim's most haunted places.
Coastal Ghosts Of Southern California
Eerie footsteps sound in thin air. Disembodied voices float down empty staircases. Apparitions peer from lace-covered windows. Welcome to the haunted Southern California coast. Meet inhabitants of the Olivas Adobe in Ventura County where icy hands pull at your clothes; glimpse ghostly lights at Smugglers Beach as they disappear into the waves, seeming to walk along the bottom of the ocean; experience sea monsters of Long Beach where you may become tangled in serpent tentacles; and take a trip on a cursed ship at San Clemente Island. Dead sailors, sea monsters, and evil apparitions abound here...beware.